Monday, October 22, 2012

Assessment methods.

       Four assessment techniques were implemented at each center. The first was a traditional volumetric assessment technique with manual outline of left and right hippocampi according to the methods of Jack et al. (1990,1989). Contours were made using a Java-based outlining package distributed to all centers over the Internet, which can be compiled on all current personal computers, laptop computers, or unixbased workstations. The digital output of these contours were electronically sent to UCLA for processing.

    The second procedure was to reformat the scans axially, parallel to the long axis of the hippocampus, according to the methods of de Leon et al. (1993) and to provide an individual slice through each volume to obtain qualitative assessments of medial temporal atrophy using a 4-point scale. The images of each slice were accessed via the Internet, and scores were entered electronically over the web.

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