Friday, November 14, 2008

Diagnostic criteria for depressive episode

The main symptoms:
• lowering of mood, evident in comparison with the inherent patient norm, the dominant daily, and most of the day and continued at least 2 weeks regardless of the situation;
• marked reduction of interest or pleasure from activities that are usually associated with positive emotions;
• reducing energy and increased fatigue.
Additional symptoms:
• reducing the efficiency of focus;
• lowering self-esteem and sense of self-doubt;
• idea of guilt and self-effacement (even in light depressions);
• dark and pessimistic vision of the future;
• ideas or actions relating to self or suicide;
• disturbed sleep;
• broken appetite.
It should be noted that depression at the moment remains the most common mental disorder that requires adequate drug therapy. It is widespread depression leads on the one hand, to underestimate the role of development in the clinical picture of various diseases, including dementia, on the other - to hyper diagnostic depression and inadequate appointment of antidepressants.

Fruit and vegetable juices help prevent Alzheimer's

Drinking fruit and vegetable juice several times a week may help prevent Alzheimer's disease, showed the results of a new study, reported AFP.
The study was conducted 9 years in Seattle and has affected nearly 2 thousand people, led by professor at the University of Tennessee (USA) Key Dej. People filled out questionnaires about their lifestyles and preferences in foods. The state of health was recorded.
Research has shown that the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease is reduced by 76% among those who used the fruit or vegetable juice at least three times a week. Among those who used the juice once a week, the risk of the disease decreased by 16%.
Earlier Society believed that the prevention of Alzheimer's great role played by vitamins C and E. But now it is clear that the case not only in them. The author of the study believed that the disease could hinder development and natural antioxidants - polyphenols contained in tea, wine and soke.
Remarkably, the study did not identify any specific fruit or vegetable juices that help prevent Alzheimer's disease better than others.
Alzheimer's - a progressive disease in which patients gradually lose their memory and become unable to care for themselves. Medicines for him does not exist, modern drugs provide only temporary improvement.
It is believed that the disease causes sticky protein called beta-amyloid. It is contained in the brain, but healthy cells are able to get rid of its surplus. However, in patients with Alzheimer beta-amyloid accumulates, forming lump, which cover the cage.
In the U.S. Alzheimer's affects about 4.5 million people in Western Europe - 5.4 million.

Alzheimer's Disease: I think more

The most terrible disease XXI century may become senile marauds. Life expectancy in developed countries is constantly growing: the projections demographers, for example, half of girls born in 2000, live to 100 years. At the same time, after 65 years, the man threatened senile dementia - Alzheimer's disease. If scientists did not find drugs against the disease, it has been 50 years in the world will be 45 million marauds - more than cancer patients.
The American scientist Steven Austad believes that the average person will survive until the 150 the anniversary because, in his view, thanks to modern technology will soon be constructed of high quality and biologically adapted to the body «spare parts». According to another American scientist Jay Olshansky, the average length of human life in the XXII century, despite the gene therapy and cloning, will not exceed 130 years.
Studies have long shown that they have achieved so old age thanks to good health, and many continue to keep it until the end of his days
Long, who studied Dr. Thomas Perlz from Harvard Medical School, managed to avoid many of senile diseases - stroke, cardiovascular disease and others. According to Dr. Perzl sharp rise in long-livers in the United States over the past 10 years caused massive changes in lifestyle: Americans have to monitor their weight is healthy food, less smoke and more in sports. It is the combination of good heredity, a good environment and healthy lifestyles, according to scientists, and ensures longevity.
Physiology of aging studies have shown that the aging process involves two closely related system of the body: endocrine (hormone responsible for the formulation) and immunity (protecting the body against infection). From the age of the body resistance to disease drops. Scientists attribute this to age in violation of endocrine balance: a substance produced by the beginning of a larger, others - in smaller numbers. So, even if the medicine man learns to replace all the fastest frayed organs (heart, lungs, liver), it is unlikely to make him immortal.
Another more wear body, which can not yet be replaced - it is the brain. According to Lynn Adler, a pioneer in the study of long-livers in the United States, the most important problem associated with aging - a violation of the functions of the brain and senile dementia caused by the disease, first described in detail by German doctor Alloiz Alzheimer and called his name.