Friday, November 14, 2008

Diagnostic criteria for depressive episode

The main symptoms:
• lowering of mood, evident in comparison with the inherent patient norm, the dominant daily, and most of the day and continued at least 2 weeks regardless of the situation;
• marked reduction of interest or pleasure from activities that are usually associated with positive emotions;
• reducing energy and increased fatigue.
Additional symptoms:
• reducing the efficiency of focus;
• lowering self-esteem and sense of self-doubt;
• idea of guilt and self-effacement (even in light depressions);
• dark and pessimistic vision of the future;
• ideas or actions relating to self or suicide;
• disturbed sleep;
• broken appetite.
It should be noted that depression at the moment remains the most common mental disorder that requires adequate drug therapy. It is widespread depression leads on the one hand, to underestimate the role of development in the clinical picture of various diseases, including dementia, on the other - to hyper diagnostic depression and inadequate appointment of antidepressants.

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